Netvision – Matam, Haifa:
Planning the company’s operational centre in Haifa.
Writing the program and basic planing for the new Netvision centre in central Israel.
Planning the costumer service centre and administrative offices for daughter company 'Nana' in Quiryat Ariea, Petaqh Tiqva.

Biotechnology company Colbar Life Science – Rehovot Science Park:
Design and production of the R&D Division in compliance with U.S. FDA and the European EMEA standards .
Planning of production halls sterile rooms at different ISO levels (ISO-6 ISO-7 ISO-8).
Planning of the R&D and QC laboratories.
Planning of the administration and public spaces.

Cure Medical (part of the Promedico group) – industrial district in Emeq Hefer:
Planning of liquid pharmaceutical production plant with an area of ​​11,000 square meters that meets GMP and EMEA standards.
Planning sterile production halls at different ISO levels (ISO-6 ISO-7 ISO-8).
Planning QC laboratories .
Planning of administration offices and different work areas .
Planning the raw materials storage warehouses and final product warehouse with a total area of ​​3200 square meters.

Pluristem Life Science – Matam, Haifa:
Planning of R&D laboratories.
Planning of the sterile rooms as part of preparations for FDA approvals of its products.

Mekorot Central Labaratories – Atar Eshkol (Hamovil Haartzi):
Various projects of internal and structural changes to the central laboratories while maintaining continuity of operations.

Shoresh Erqot Navadim- Industrial Center Tirat Hakarmel:
Planning of the factory with a new liquid set production line, partly in a clean rooms.
Design of sandals factory.
Planning of logistics warehouse and new office wing.

Given Imagining – Science Park Yokneam:
Planning of a one of a kind Phatogenic Laboratory for the new core product " Bravo "
Planning the company’s offices expansion of 2000 square meters.

Nicast – Global Park (science and industry park) Lod:
Planing of the development division’s laboratories and headquarters. The company is engaged in the nano – biotechnology field.

Shiba hospital – Tel hashomer:
Planing of sterile laboratories (gmp) for immune- oncology  studies, the laboratories covering area of 1500 square meters.
Planing of animal-house.

ICL bromine industries – Ramat Hovav

Planing suggestion for a central control unit

 Planing suggestion for R&D Division of 6000 square meters

The College of Engineering – Jerusalem:
Planning of a unique student labs devision for pharmaceutical biotechnology.

Niti Surgical Solutions – Technology Park, South Natania:
Planning of the R&D laboratories division.
Planning of the manufacturing division – including sterile rooms for manufacturing medical devices of level ISO-7.
Planning of the company headquarters.

Thera Vitea – Rehovot Science Center:
Planning development laboratories for genetic engineering (stem cells).
Unique sterile room design for demanding and complex workflows for an FDA approval.

Various commissioned by the Health Ministry and the National Insurance in the field of restorative and regenerative medicine:
Planning of a line of industrial plants for the rehabilitated mentally-ill population throughout the country. The space of each plant ranged between 1200 and 1500 square meters and includes a production hall in the sterile area of 150-250 square meters in which sterile medical equipment is equipment is assembled and packaged to the hospitals in Israel.

Hareshot Lmilchama Besamim – The Israel Anti-Drug Authority:
Planning and project management of the “Aviv” substitute drugs distribution centre which is the main and biggest centre of its kind in Israel.

Construction Management

Merk – Sorono Israel:
Construction management of about 4500 square meters of R&D labs to the highest levels of complexity.

Intel – Matam, Haifa:
Construction management of the Renovstion projects, including coordination and execution of complex activities including electro-mechanical systems, while maintaining the work routine on campus.
Construction management of the internal changes project to the laboratories floors, including the analytical and test labs.

Colbar Life Science:
Construction management of the production plant and the R&D division, including the production halls and clean rooms.

Cure Medical (part of the Promedico group) – industrial district Emeq Hefer:
Construction management of the factory building – including clean production halls, QC laboratories, raw material and final product warehouses and the company offices.

HP – Matam, Haifa:
Construction management of the company offices in Matam Haifa.

Amdox – Matam, Haifa:
Construction management of the R&D laboratories.

Urban development projects:
Construction management of the city market in Kiryat Ata covering an area of ​​about 25,000 square meters.
Construction management of a residential neighbourhood of 500 apartments in Haifa commissioned by Solel Boneh.

Chemical plant: 
Construction management of agro-chemic plant in Ramat-Hovav.

Engineering Consultancy

The firm has provided engineering consultancy in a number of projects for R&D and testing laboratories such as:

Medic Technologies – Global Park (science and industry park) Lod:
Advice for the planning of laboratories and offices covering an area of ​​about 5000 square meters.

Clalit Health Services – Central Investigative Labs – Har Hotzvim, Jerusalem:
Support and advice in the planning and construction of the main test laboratories for general health covering 3560 square meters.

Pharmabest medicinal importers:
Engineering consultancy and construction management of the company’s logistics centre and automatic pharmaceutical warehouse.

Life Sciences Park – Haifa:
Commissioned by the Haifa Economic Corporation , in cooperation with IBS ltd:
Writing the program and editing conceptual diagrams for the park’s buildings to accommodated biotechnology companies.
The firm also served as head consultant to the project’s architectural solution planners, engineers and technicians.
The project area is about 80,000 square meters.